Looking For Edges

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looking for edges

Penny Drysdale

“Web In The Sun" by MattX27 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0



dragonflies hover over  

the edges of my shroud  

they fly off lifting layer  

after layer – I don’t know where  

they take each sheath – I don’t  

think they fold it ready 

for my next death they are 

too erratic for that 




tiny barred finches 

black stripes beautiful and I cry  

knowing their cages go with them  

everywhere a part of who  

they are – is that what makes us  

beautiful – we can’t fly away  

from the cages  

we wear 




shadows of dragonflies  

weave new paths across all  

the old ones and spiders weave  

traps that sometimes come  

untethered see – an edge of web  

lifts – towards an ocean bursting  

with peaks of light the knot  

inside me loosens there is room 


for a few more steps  

along the road 

Penny Drysdale grew up in central Victoria and lived in Alice Springs for seven years working at the Arrernte-run Akeyulerre healing centre. She is currently a lawyer and policy adviser in Darwin. Penny won the NT Literary Awards Poetry Prize in 2015 and her first book of poetry ‘Dew and Broken Glass’ was published in 2017. Penny is editing a book of poetry by Arrernte women on the theme Lyapirtneme | Returning. She is working on her second book about love, endings and renewal.