We Are The Potter, You Are The Clay

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We Are The Potter, You Are The Clay

Theona Councillor

“The Red Chair” by Timothy Neesam is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Your words they tell my story, from your white-washed point of view

You choose to see, with those rose-tinted lenses you see me thru

You’ve rarely come to ask me, but it’s alarming when you do

Mis-quoted, mis-judged and misunderstood, quick, that interview,

And . . .with no follow thru

Just little snip-its of information, as you snatch from here and there

Proclaiming ‘How we are reconciled’, and ‘Advance Australia Fair’

When I hear reconciliation, I cringe when you use that word

For we’ve never lived in harmony, regardless what you’ve heard

When our men came back from war, full of despair and full of pain

They watched as their white brothers got land, they did not receive the same

You ponder . . . if only blacks were a little more like us.

You’ve taken my power, you’ve changed my name

Your reasoning: I can somehow be the same

If only blacks did strive enough, if they only would but try

They could live alongside us, but you never truly believed that lie  

You teach us how to follow the rules, you teach us your better way

Yet you never stop to think, maybe, we are the potter and you are the clay

You shy from our voice in parliament, you shy from the word ‘treaty’ 

But you would change your opinions, if you ever lived as me

Come make us part of the conversation, are you so afraid to try?

Afraid to find the common ground, to find where we see eye to eye?

Come listen, let this knowledge reside within, potential synergy to find the way

May this knowledge become your understanding, let it resonate, may it sway

Lest we forget 

Federation . . . . the aborigine shall not be counted

Assimilation . . . . they need be more like us

Stolen generations . . . . it is for their own good

It says you are excluded

It says you are the dispossessed

It says you are. . . . Never. Quite. Good enough

It says the Aborigine shall not be equal, then you tell me it is me.

About the Poet

Theona Councillor
“I am a Naaguja woman from the Midwest Region of WA, I live in Geraldon and study on-line at CDU. I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, with focus on Indigenous Languages. Previous to this I have worked as a nurse, then as a finance officer, I have worked in the mines for about 9 years. And now I have chosen to change my life and study at Charles Darwin University, and work within the area of revitalisation of indigenous language in my region, hopefully. Through his whole time period from youth to now, the only constant has been music and writing. I am a singer/songwriter, and am currently working on a musical play, still a work in progress. Through my bloodlines I belong to the Murchison River down to the Greenough River and out to where the sun sets into the Weelongga (ocean)."
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